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Our studio works in various fields, from architecture tourban planning, from design to event set design.

Our experience enables us to respond systematically to the demands of the project in which we are involved.

The elasticity of our structure allows us to follow the entire process, from the conception to the realization of the project, but also to participate in fragmented parts of the project by supporting any existing working group.

We are part of a network of professionals who organize and collaborate effectively and efficiently in response to the needs and requests of the client.

Curiosity, creativity, speed, precision and professionalismare the characteristics that most distinguish us.

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In 2000, we started to design scenography for eventsevents for a prestigious communications agency in Milan. With the experience we had gained in the theatre, we immediately found ourselves at our ease and we came to coordinate the staff of the scenographic department. Subsequently the collaborations become external, allowing us to work with many other communication agencies working for important brands.

The scenario that changes daily, the teamwork with the varied professionals involved in the project, the respect of the assigned budget, and the speed of execution, have been the driving forces behind our growth.


In the objects proposed we have always looked for a dialogue between ffunctionality and beauty.
A study of the expressive potential of materials, their physical characteristics and their industrial and craft applications.
Attention to detail and the production process, interacting with the technical expertise of the manufacturers.
Attraction to colors and their infinite tones, which dress the object and characterize it.
The dreamed object is sketched, escapes you, hides and changes, until it appears to you in its entirety.

Foto progetto
Foto progetto

Architecture & Urban Planning

We design and implement renovations of apartments, villas, offices, businesses and interior design. We operate in the field of restoration of listed buildings and building complexes of significant dimensions.
Attracted by the research of materials and new technologies, we measure ourselves against the now.
In the planning we have worked on urban and suburban territorial compartments cultivated specific skills in the Environmental Assessment of plans and projects (SEA and EIA).